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  • What professional associations cover this area?

    CMSC (Coordinate Measurement Systems Committee) is an international group of close tolerance, industrial measurement specialists, users and manufacturers of : alignment systems, targeting hardware, portable CMM's, electronic theodolites, laser trackers, laser radar, and photogrammetry / videogrammetry systems.

    ACM SIGGRAPH is dedicated to the generation and dissemination of information on computer graphics and interactive techniques.

  • What is the approximate price of these devices?
    Roland LPX-250 Desktop Laser Scanner $10K
    Minolta Vivid 300 laser scanner $15K
    Minolta Vivid 700 laser scanner $30K
    Minolta Vivid 900 laser scanner $40K
    Minolta MetaFlash $3-5K
    Interzart AG 3D Commerce 3D ScanBook Pro $9K
    Interzart AG 3D Commerce 3D ScanStation Pro $24K
    Cyberware Model-15 $15K
    Polhemus Fast Scan $30K
    Realscan 3D laser range camera $35K
    Exetronics Shape snatcher $7.5K
    Digibotics digi-bot II $60K
    3DScanner Modelmaker $65K
    Inspeck 3D capturor $13K
    Immersion Microscribe $3-5K
    Immersion LightScribe $10K
    GSI Inca2 camera and software $155K
    Cyrax 2500 $125K
    Photomodeler software $795
    Kodak DCS-660M Professional Camera $15K
    Surphaser $30K
    MetricVision MV200 $400K

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