Close-Range Photogrammetry

    Photogrammetry technigues allow you to convert images of an object into a 3D model. Using a digital camera with known characteristic (lens focal length, imager size and number of pixels), you need a minimum of two pictures of an object. If you can indicate the same three object points in the two images and you can indicate a known dimension you can determine other 3D points in the images.

    Photogrammetry is a very good tool if you have limited access time to the object to be modelled. Images can be captured very quickly. The trade-off is that it can take a lot of time to process the images. If the number of points required to create a useful model is large, it can be very tedious with photogrammetry

    The quality / accuracy of the 3D model can be affected by several things. The quality of the camera lens and the resolution of the imager chip, the camera calibration, and the number of images taken are all important.

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